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Not only do we do sprinkler repair, but we advise on how to use the least amount of water to keep your costs down and help our community water supply at the same time. 

Adding mulch will help retain water in flower beds and around trees, watering times may be altered to allow the water to soak in but not grow fungus, certain fertlizers are designed for our Texas lawns and make a heartier lawn to better withstand Texas heat. 

Donate Your Lawn to Cancer

Diozati donates a portion of all profits to Affect Cancer, a local non-profit group helping those that cannot afford treatment and helping fund alternative cancer treatment research.  Learn more about Affect Cancer at www.affectcancer.org

If you want a beautiful yard where you can entertain, relax or just enjoy nature's beauty Diozati is the right choice for you. Where many other companies just mow and go, we offer white glove service. Diozati will make recommendations when we see that something could make a difference. We may recommend aeration to get oxygen and water to the roots of your lawn, iron for that deep dark green or even a different grass type in shaded areas.  

Moisture Management Saves $$$$

Not Just Mow and Go

Trained, English-Speaking Staff

Yes, we said English-Speaking... Diozati is the only company in the business with an English program for it's staff. We do this for a number of reasons. First, it helps our staff improve their standard of living and move up in the world. Second, we want our clients to be able to communicate with our staff. Third we have learned it has helped with staff loyalty and morale. 

We also obviously train them to be the best at their work. For example, we trim when we are supposed to trim. Did you know a Crape Myrtle can actually die from being trimmed at the wrong time of year? You can see why we have to train our staff in depth. 

Landscaping Services We Offer

- Lawn Mowing

- Edging

- Tree and Shrub Trimming

- Weeding

- Animal Waste Removal

- Lawn Aeration

- Sprinkler Repair and installation

- Lanscape Design and Build

- Mulch

- Weed Eating

- Weed Management

- Pest Management

...and much, much more.